CERONAS is a manufacturer of wax specialties for a broad field of industrial applications.

For the plastics processing CERONAS is producing functionalised VISCOCER® waxes as well as unique modified polyester waxes and reactive ADDIMER® wax additives. Research and development of innovative wax additives is one of the key activities of CERONAS to provide our customers more efficient solutions. Main application fields of ADDIMER® and VISCOCER® wax additives are technical plastics, colour and additive masterbatches, PVC, fibre reinforced composites as well as powder coatings.

Under the brand name mju:wax® CERONAS is developing and producing innovative micronised waxes for different kind of applications like printing inks, lacquers, paints and coatings, for solvent borne as well as aqueous and also powder coatings.

Specialties are micronized mju:waxes® with a high degree of renewable origin as well as such types matching a density around 1.00 g/cm³ being stable in low viscous aqueous environment.

Strengths of medium sized company CERONAS are high flexibility, innovation potential and a fast reply to the needs of the customers.